Southland Flyfishing Locations

Manapouri – Te Anua

Flyfishing Manapouri and Te Anau with New Zealand’s professional fly-fishing guides.

The townships of Manapouri, Te Anau, Mossburn, Athol, Lumsden and Gore are considered great bases for those planning to fish this remote Southland region. These classical small towns offer professional fly-fishing guides,  accommodation and dining options for the fly-fishing traveller. The Back Country rivers and streams of this district are noted mainly for their fantastic Rainbow trout fisheries there are however a number of rivers that hold a respected reputation in producing some exceptionally large browns and especially when the beech trees seed, and a mouse plague is experienced. Given the latitude of Southland it comes as no surprise that this region receives its fair share of bad weather systems coming from the deep South. During the seasons of Spring and Autumn through winter low-pressure weather systems coming up from the artic shelf can produce gale westly winds and heavy rain and snow,  good rain gear and under laying is essential for enjoyable fishing,  when stable whether patterns present November – December – February- March magical fishing is to be experienced, this location is a place all anglers should fish,  this is big country so save your time searching  book a professional guide dedicated to this area, for recommendations contact us at Glendeer, this is fly fishing New Zealand’s South Island at it finest.


The townships of Te Anau and Manapouri boundaries the incredible Fiordland National Park forest in the Kepler Mountains, this remote area is home to a good number of trout waters most of which will require Heli or boat charters to access as a high number of waters are well of the beaten track, detailed weather forecast is a must when venturing into this wild rugged region, extreme care should be taken as rivers can rise very quickly due to heavy rains, a professional fly fishing guide will be dialled in to all prime fishing conditions and weather forecast.

Gore – Lumsden – Athol – Mossburn

Out to the East of Te Anau you will find the townships of Mossburn, Athol, Lumsden and Gore. There are a number a smaller rivers that are more favourable around these locations in high water conditions, Gore is home to the famous Mataura river, the Mataura holds good numbers of Brown trout and is enjoyed for its incredible hatches,  Mayfly hatches – Caddis and Midge, Southland is a great part of New Zealand’s South Island fly fishing regions, great people and excellent fishing, when visiting Southland be sure to call in at a great place to talk fishing, great fly patterns and Stu may even part with some good advice for fishing this end of the Country.

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South Island Flyfishing Locations