Hi Paul and Jude, We are now home and have been trying to get back into our normal routine, which is difficult after such a stimulating trip. Thank you for all that you did for us. Anne was particularly appreciative of Paul’s instruction and Jude’s friendship. It was memorable in every way. On the stag front, I have surveyed the house and think that in the place where he is most likely to end up, he should have his head turned to the right so we can think of it as the mirror image of how I last saw him standing. We will always think of you as fabulous friends who shared some terrific adventures with us, no doubt you occupy that role for many people, but you are very good at it and made our trip special. Thank you again and stay in touch. Cheers.

Will & Anne Smart

Hi Paul, I get a report from all my clients on their NZ trips and thought you would enjoy these comments from Andy Baxter excerpted from his report: The big event was Paul. Don, this young man has to be on my very short list as the best guide I have ever had, and I’ve had a bunch. Now, at the end of the day, it’s all about the fish, and I know that — rare that someone complains about the guide if the fishing is great, and rarer still that the guide gets high grades if the fishing is poor. And we had as good a 4 days as one can have. But this guy is the best. Every category. Personality, knowledge, access to water, hard-working, great coach, high energy, and flexible. Just sensational. You need to fish with this guy yourself, which I know you haven’t. Incidentally, he was clear about the fact that he would not show you some of the water that he took us to because of your role as an outfitter and that the word would spread. Why he elected to take us where he did is beyond me. We did have a good first day, and we delivered the goods, but still, it seemed like he gave us the best he had in his arsenal. The rainbow attached was 10-11 pounds and took about 20 minutes and 300-400 yards of downstream racing. Paul gave us textbook New Zealand fishing and we will never forget it. It was the centerpiece of the whole trip.

A Baxter

Paul & Jude, Just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful time, hunt and over all New Zealand experience during our stay with you. It was great to have such a nice team working with us on this stay and we really appreciated all the well organized work that went into this hunting adventure for us both, a sincere big thank you and we look forward to coming again sometime soon. Great trophies, great food and accommodation, a very high standard of guiding, well done!

Tom and Anna

Just a short note to thank you for a wonderful week at Glendeer Lodge. The accommodation was superb but of course the highlight was the fly-fishing with Paul. Paul’s ability to spot fish was incredible – even under adverse light conditions. It meant that we were casting to a specific fish throughout our five day stay – hardly any prospecting or blind casting. Many times I could not see the fish even after Paul had identified its lie for me. I must confess there were times I doubted his spotting ability only to be proved wrong with a subsequent take! His prowess at spotting was only matched by his patience and his active approach to the fishing – beyond anything we had experienced before. Being a husband and wife team who only fly-fish once a year, if that, our casting ability could do with some improvement (that’s an understatement) – but Paul was extremely forgiving and supportive – nothing was too much trouble. Several times he rigged a double fly combo only to have me render it undeliverable after the first cast. He would patiently re-rig the whole thing without a moan. The trout gets two, maximum three goes at a fly and then he would change it – he was the most active and innovative guide we have been with. He took us to some amazing locations and we were always the only fishermen there – six different rivers in five days of fishing – to quote Chris Hole, it was “Heaven on a Stick”! We had a great experience and can’t wait to come back.

Peter & Sharon Baker

What an experience, I’ve been on a lot of trophy hunts in my time and this was one of those hunts that will leave many moments to cherish, Jude thank you for taking such great care of the family we all had a fantastic time. All the best.

Ivan, Jill, Lisa & Sam

Back home in the real world now and enjoying daydreaming about my recent trip with Paul. Thanks so much for the best fishing I’ve had in New Zealand. Paul was excellent – very professional, skilled, hard working, a great coach and good company. Easily the best guide I’ve fished with in NZ. I felt very lucky that he was able to take me to his secret valleys under such fabulous conditions. The fishing was unbelievable with lots of willing fish on dries, I lost count after the 10th fish landed! The scenery was spectacular and to top it off, the last fish of the tour was a trophy brown that Paul called at 10lb In the net. I have been busy recommending him to friends and will continue to do so. I look forward to our next trip. Also, thanks for your help in arranging this – I appreciate the good service you provided.


Words will not express my gratitude towards you two for a fantastic fishing trip. Paul your ability to spot fish is second to none and the phrase “STRIKE” will forever be ringing in my ears when a trout sips the dry at the end of my line. You took me to some unbelievable water but even better was the scenery. Many times I had to stop and marvel at the vistas all around me. I had the New Zealand fishing adventure of my dreams and for that I thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the attached pictures. I hope one is worthy of the wall of fame. Jude, with out the wonderful arranged accommodation and the excellent nights rest there is no way I could have landed those fish. Thank you again!


There is a city in the US named after our fearless guide. It’s called St. Paul, as he has the patience of a saint. Despite my lousy casting technique, I was able to land some amazing browns thanks to his skill and perseverance. Case in point, we spent over 45 minutes coaxing a 7 lb brown to the fly. Multiple fly changes, countless off the mark casts, continuously reciting Paul’s mantra “Watch the indicator!” all came together for the thrill of an angling lifetime-insert photo:) Thanks to Paul for his great skill and patience and to Jude for such a welcoming stay!

Charley Ducsay

A quick note to say the experience exceeded our expectations and I will have fond memories of the trip for years to come. Firstly\y Jude your arrangements were flawless and your advice sound and practical. I travel extensively in my work and your service is very good and enjoyable. Paul, I was very rusty, hadn’t fished for years and was a bit apprehensive in the beginning but watching you and your craft was a worthwhile experience for me. Suffice it to say I learnt heaps and my fishing is going to be richer for it. The experience and the fish I caught exceeded what I expected. I will be back for sure. Many thanks for your time and dedication to making it a good experience for us.

Vince and Lynette Erasmus

Must say from the onset what a fabulous two days I had. Paul you are a genius at finding trout and the way you handled me with my faults is encouraging to say the least. Paul I will of course honor the agreement that I have been to boulder stream 1,2,3 etc etc (no names). I will book up for sure as I might come on my own as a day release from work etc ah ah. once again many many thanks it was great.